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Deals in: - Distributors & Spl. In: Electrical Measuring Testing Instruments, Electronics Measuring Testing Instruments, Transformers Measuring Testing Instruments, ITI Measuring Testing Instruments, Engg. Colleges Measuring Testing Instruments, Polytechnics Measuring Testing Instruments, Digital & Analog Ammeters, Voltmeters, Watt, HZ Meters, Power Meter Analyser Insulation & Earth Testers, Clamp Meters, Anemometers, Sound Level Lux & Moisture Meters, Guass Meters, Timers, Counters & Temperature Controller, Rheostats Pot Loading Bank/Calibrators, Test Bench, Primary & Secondary Injection Sets, Electronic Power Supply, Frequency Counters, Sine/Square Wave Generators, Oscilloscope And Pattern Generators, TRANSDUCERS Of Current, Volage, Watt, PF, HZ Multi (6 in 1), Temperature Controller, Pressure, TRANSFORMERS Of Step-Up, Step-Down, CT, PT, HV, Oil Test Sets, Variac And Dimmers, RECTIFIERS Diodes, Bridges, IGBT Mosfets, Motion Sensor, Pot, SSR, Solid State Relay, Proximity Sensor, Pressure Switches, SMPS, Contactor, Kew, Rishabh Meco, Kusam Meco, Multispan Lutron, Fluke Selectron, Fluke Unison, Salzer, Motwane, Kyoritsu, L&T, CIE, PLA
Address: - 1772, Gandhi Road, Near HDFC Bank, Ahmedabad-01
land line no : - 079-22131274 079-22138450 079-22131445 079-22155280
Moblie no : - 8733897351
Whatsapp no : - 8733897351 
Contact Person : - Surendra Golecha, Vivek Golecha 
Timing : - 10:00 AM to 08:00 PM
Closed On : - SUNDAY


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